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Isle of Purbeck has a rich and varied history and the six museums that are linked to this site tell the story.


From Enid Blyton to Thomas Hardy the landscape has inspired writers. Ian Fleming found his James Bond character in the Bonds of Creech whilst at School in Isle of Purbeck. Hartland Moor becomes Edgon Heath in Hardy's novels. Corfe Castle becomes Kirren Castle in Enid Blyton books. Percy E Westerman wrote his books on an old Thames barge moored on the River Frome near Ridge.

T.E.Lawrence made his home in Purbeck and often shopped in Wareham.

The area is very rich in minerals and plant and animal life. Isle of Purbeck is home to Europe's largest onshore oil field, and the worlds finest clay. It's marble and stone have graced the cathedrals of this land and used to pave London.

Purbeck was an important military training ground during both world wars and still is today. Development of Radar made rapid progress in various locations in Purbeck with the main centre at Worth Matravers during the Second World War. 

Purbeck Ball Clay played a big part in providing Sir Oliver Lodge's education. Sir Oliver Lodge made important discoveries in Radio (including the first radio message between 2 buildings in 1894), Spark Plugs, Electro Magnetic waves, 

Purbeck affected lives around the world, throughout the ages. Purbeck is part of the World Heritage site "The Jurassic Coast" and several of the Museums display information of the coast line and exhibit fossils.

Purbeck also has it's own Heritage railway (The Swanage Railway) with a great museum covering the history of the Southern Railway and Purbeck.

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